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The ITCC Strategy

Overarching goal : To accelerate the introduction of new effective and safe therapies in the treatment of children and adolescents with cancer


By means of :

• increasing the  likelihood of entering/prioritizing potentially effective drugs in pediatric development based on science, increased knowledge of tumor biology and better preclinical evaluation
speeding up the initiation of  pediatric studies with regard to development in adults and the development of drugs specific to pediatric malignancies,
• speeding up the development of combinations
• speeding up implementation of new therapies in first line treatments of high risk diseases in order to increase the probability of curing more children more rapidly.
• An innovative and outstanding scientific and medical research program that will be both tumor agnostic and disease-oriented,
• An effective and coordinated Industry strategy


Through :

1.stronger interactions between biological and clinical activities
2.effective cooperation with European Tumour Groups
3.introduction of new technologies  and facilitated  access to data, assets and platforms

4.strengthened international cooperation