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Sohn Conference: Accelerating Translation of Pediatric Cancer Research

Dec 18th, 2017


Pediatric cancer is the leading cause of death by disease past infancy among children in the United States and Europe. Despite prevailing increases in overall survival rates, it continues to be one of the most challenging diseases to treat. Our basic understanding of pediatric cancer biology has improved, but high rates of relapse remain; and 20% of pediatric cancer patients do not respond to therapy, ultimately dying from their disease. We now understand that childhood cancers are genetically distinct from their adult counterparts, and that current treatments developed for adults are particularly harsh on growing children, causing severe side effects. Thus, there is a critical need to refine established therapeutic approaches for this vulnerable population to improve treatment for patients around the world. Read more

ITCC and ANZCHOG partnership

Nov 10th, 2017


ITCC and ANZCHOG signed a MoU during the ITCC Annual Meeting 2017. This provides a framework to facilitate consultation and cooperation between ITCC & ANZCHOG to increase access to innovation for children with cancer.