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Innovative Thinking, Innovative Results, Precision Medicine, expertise in drug development and early drug trials


ITCC is a consortium of 50 institutions and 9 laboratories gathering the most experienced infrastructures in Europe in the development and conduction of early clinical trials.

Our concept : a parteniring intitiative among academias, pharmaceutical companies, parents to promote safe and effective innovative treatments for children with cancer.


ITCC is category 1 member of the European Network of Paediatric Research at the European Medicines Agency (Enpr-EMA) and one of its Coordinating Group.


Devoted ITCC early drug development TEAMS in each site involving

-       Experienced clinical investigators 

-       Statisticians  

-       Research Nurses 

-       Research Assistants 

-       Data Managers 

-       Fellows 


All persons involved cooperate in their specific health professional network to achieve excellence and best practice and by interconnecting within their team to provide a personalised approach to patients and their families.


To contact us, submit a proposal, please write to

Innovative Therapies for Children with Cancer : Imagine new drugs for tomorow in paediatric malignancies

Our partners & Cooperative networkingENCCA, SIOP-E, European Tumour Groups, COG, ACCT, Charities


Why working with ITCC ?

Partnership with ITCC means having access to:

  • disease and drug development expertises in order to build and evaluate the feasibility of your trial proposal (our Clinical Trials Portfolio)
  • suggestion and reccomendation on site selection to conduct your studies by experienced ITCC early trials teams (Paediatric Oncologists, Biologists, Pharmacologists, Research Nurses, Data Manager, Administrative Assistants)
  • evaluation and estimation on eligible subjects
  • on-site trial management, remote data entry, central review imaging
  • contacts with Key Opinion Leaders and stakeholders in the field of early drug development in paediatric oncology
  • links and guidance with regulatory bodies to submit an effective proposal
  • results which can be timely published according to the requirements of the public disclosure of clinical research 

Each ITCC centre passed through an accreditation process in order to assess the infrastructures able to manage Phase I and II trials taking into account the best practice network and security principles. All ITCC Centres are GCP trained and labelled.

Submit your proposal

If you want to contact us : please, send an email to or call us at +33 1 42 11 60 33

To get a trial proposal template please go to :


Be partner with us : a global European strategy for developing safe and effective new therapies for children and adolescents with cancer …