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ACCELERATE is an international organisation working to solve the overarching challenges in the development of innovative anticancer medicines for children and adolescents.


All stakeholders committed to this mission participate, including:

• Academic paediatric oncologists, haematologists, researchers
• Patient and parent organisations advocates
• Biopharmaceutical company representatives
• Regulatory and health technology assessment (HTA) authorities


ACCELERATE’s Annual Conference presents reports from a spectrum of international experts on clinical and preclinical paediatric oncology research, EU and US regulatory challenges, and patient and parent advocate activities. Participants develop a Work Programme for the coming year and hear reports of ACCELERATE’s past activities.

This important and much needed conference brings together a wide variety of stakeholders to discuss and seek ways to address specific overarching issues to improve the outcome for children and adolescents with cancer through the development of innovative anticancer medicines in a timely fashion.

ACCELERATE Platform 8th Annual Paediatric Oncology Conference

Why should you attend the Conference?

• To share and discuss successes in paediatric development of new oncology drugs
• To discuss the strategies to accelerate new oncology drug development
• To share and discuss the 10 years’ survey of the Paediatric Regulation and needed changes
• To further strengthen the collaboration between all stakeholders at the international level (Parents, Academia, Regulators, Biopharma industry)


The conference topics:

• New regulatory environment with a focus on the implementation of the Race for Children act
• Building the assets for preclinical evaluation
• Latest developments in ACCELERATE: Multi-stakeholder Paediatric Strategy Forums, Fostering Age Inclusive Research (FAIR) trials, Fit-For-Filing academic trials, Long-Term Follow-Up (LTFU), international cooperation
• New initiatives and business models for accelerating paediatric oncology drug development
• Recent successes in paediatric oncology drug development


Co-organised by ITCC and SIOPE, ACCELERATE provides a transparent forum enabling patients and parents organisations, academic paediatric oncologists and haematologists, pharmaceutical companies and EU regulatory network representatives to collaborate and jointly address specific obstacles to a faster and more effective treatments for children and adolescents with cancer, including the needed changes to the Paediatric Medicines Regulation.


For more information, and forthcoming announcements about the ACCELERATE Conference:


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