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Is it ethical to conduct phase I trials in children with cancer?

Not providing access to innovative therapies is unethical.


Using new compounds outside a well-designed trial is also unethical.


Organisations of parents of childhood cancer patients participate in ITCC through the International Confederation of Childhood Cancer Parent Organisations (ICCCPO), which has both advisory and intermediary roles to ensure ethical clinical research.


The goal is to improve access to information for parents and patients who may participate in early drug clinical trials and to address the ethical questions raised by clinical research in children with life-threatening diseases.


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Training in Ethics


Furthermore, specific training sessions on the ethics of clinical trials in children have been hold by Dr Bruce Morland and Dr François Doz during the ITCC Training Days

  • 1st ITCC Training Days (March 5-8, 2008, Orta San Giulio, Italy)
  • 2nd ITCC Training Days (October 22-24, 2009 Catholic University, Rome, Italy)

and the ESO-SIOP Masterclass 2008