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ITCC Loxo Biology Post-doctoral Fellowship Program

ITCC has become the principal European organisation for research and development of new therapeutics for children with cancer, in collaboration with industry, regulatory bodies and parent organisations. This year, Loxo Oncology, Inc. has approved ITCC’s request to support a 2-year biology fellowship undertaking “wet lab” research. The research project should be performed in one of the ITCC-affiliated biology labs, and should foster interaction of at least two ITCC sites. The ITCC Education & Training committee and the Biology committee will oversee the selection of candidates and evaluate the added value of the traineeship for the fellow and for ITCC.


“We are very pleased to launch the ITTC Loxo Biology Post-doctoral Fellowship programme. This is aimed at training a post-doctoral scientist for 2 years in the ITCC biology network. There are details of the programme in the application form below but if there are any queries don’t hesitate to contact me The closing date for applicants is 1st March 2020. We will make a shortlist and those successful candidates will be invited to present their research proposal at the ITCC Biology Retreat in Bologna 15th and 16th June 2020. A judging panel at the meeting will then decide on the successful candidate who will be expected to take up post in the autumn. Please advertise this opportunity widely within your centres."


Bruce Morland

Chairman ITCC Education and Training Committee


Download the application form here

Flims workshop

Flims is the way thousands of young professionals and medical students call the most exclusive opportunity to learn the essentials of an oncological clinical trial design in Europe. The annual joint ECCO-AACR-EORTC-ESMO workshop on ‘Methods in Clinical Cancer Research’ takes place every summer in Flims, Switzerland: the access to the workshop is under competition, but this is a highly regarded training opportunity for all junior paediatric haemato-oncologists.

To fulfill its objective to facilitate medical and professional co-operation across Europe, ITCC is keen to provide fellowship opportunities to young oncologists, and on a regular basis we have sponsored the attendance to this highly competitive workshop for one deserving young oncologist, who will develop a clinical trial proposal on childhood cancer.