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ACCELERATE, a platform of all stakeholders caring about accelerating new oncology drug development for children and adolescents, invites you to the 2019 edition of the ACCELERATE Paediatric Conference (formerly known as CDDF-ITCC-SIOPE Paediatric Conference) taking place on 6-7 February 2020 in Brussels, Belgium. To know more on this initiative, please refer to the publication released in 2014.


Why should you attend the Conference?

• To share and discuss successes in paediatric development of new oncology drugs

• To discuss the strategies to accelerate new oncology drug development

• To share and discuss the 10 years’ survey of the Paediatric Regulation and needed changes

• To  further  strengthen  the  collaboration  between  all  stakeholders  at  international  level

(Parents, Academia, Regulators, Pharmaceutical Industry)


The conference is part of a unique multi-stakeholder joint initiative, the ACCELERATE multi- stakeholder Platform. More information are available on the official website of the ACCELERATE platform ( Co-organised by ITCC and SIOPE, this platform provides a transparent forum enabling patients and parents’ organisations, academic paediatric oncologists and haematologists, pharmaceutical companies and EU regulatory network representatives to collaborate and jointly address specific obstacles to a faster and more effective treatments for  children and  adolescents with cancer, including the  needed  changes to  the

Paediatric Medicines Regulation.



For more information, and forthcoming announcements about the ACCELERATE Conference:


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• Phone: +32 2 775 02 15

ACCELERATE Platform 8th Annual Paediatric Oncology Conference